Sunday, 22 September 2013

connotation and dennotation


                     Connotation and denotation
Abbey Road

connotation- People in smart clothes crossing over a road on a zebra crossing.
                         Dennotation- This makes me think of people crossing the road  on the way  to work. 

1984 Connotation- A baby with wings and is smoking.
                      Dennotatoion-This makes me think of an angel in heaven smoking.

Ágætis Byrjun Connotation- An unborn baby inside his/her mothers womb.
                       Dennotation- It makes me think of when a pregnant woman is                                                 having a scan to check on her unborn baby.
American IV: The Man Comes Around Connotation- A faded figure of a man wearing glasses and                                               above him there is bould writing saying cash.
                       Dennotation- This makes me think of a rich man.
Draft 7.30 Connotation- It looks like surrealist art.
                       Dennotation- This makes me think of a surrealist drawing.
 Back in BlackConnotation- This cover has the band name on it and has a lightning
                                             bolt through the middle of the name and has the album
                                             name underneath the name and the cover is fully black.
                      Dennotation- This makes me think of someones sketch of their faviorite
Bat Out of HellConnotation- This looks like a motorbike shooting out of hell with a
                                            deamon attacking it.
                     Dennotation- This makes me think of an animated action programe.
HomogenicConnotation-An icelandic women which is made to look oriental.
                     Dennotation- It makes me think of a woman on a magaziene made to 
                                           look like someone from the far east.
Blue Train Connotation- An album cover with a picture and his name displayed on
                                            the front.
                     Dennotation-This makes me think of  a man thinking.
Never Mind The BollocksConnotation-An album cover with crude language on it.
                      Dennotation-This makes me think of a poster that a teenager would own.

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