Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter homework

                                                         Easter homework

1.What two conventions have I used & Why?
Conventions are: Mix of content, Aspiration tone, Direct mode of address & model or celebrity on front cover. 
   direct address- Your party dress code. 
                          The girl on the front is looking straight at you. 

2.What are the effects of my Layout, Typography, Colour choice and Language Choice
Effect means what does it say to the audience. Essentially you need to talk about the connotations of all of these things.

key words in the passages are in a bold font to make the important parts of the writing stand out.

Layout - Is it symmetrical (ordered and sophisticated) or asymmetrical (chaotic and youthful). What Balance does it have? (refer to your past work on balance)

Typography: Is is serif or sans serif? Does it cover hand writing?

Language: Have you use exlamatives (exclamation marks), alliteration (multiple words with the same letter), imperatives (a command) or a pun (a funny play on words)?

Thursday, 27 February 2014



Explain two ways the extract fits the genre of lifestyle magazines.

because it has a house style and colour, this suits the needs of a lifestyle magazine because it has the cover lines which are aspirational and a main appealing image this is the basic layout for a life style magazine.

because it has a house style and colour, this suits the needs of a lifestyle magazine because it has the cover lines which are aspirational and a main appealing image this is the basic layout for a life style magazine.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


 colours can convey different meanings or connotation to the viewer. 


I would use yellow for sport because the meaning of yelllow is about fun humor lightness personal power, intellect logic and creativity

Monday, 20 January 2014

coverlines on magazines

                             Coverlines on magazines.

1. sex tips.
2. 5 ways to get the new stylish look.
3. Your top male models.
4. free make-up sample see page ...
5. top 10 heartthrob songs
6. get a supermodels body quick!
7. That perfect holiday 
8. best fitness routines
9. get that look
10. loose weight quick with this simple diet.


for her onlyFGN

Monday, 7 October 2013

Media H/W

WWW-the presentation is good and it gives 
a clear understanding. the background is also 
quite eye catching for both presentations.

EBI- more detail and attraction needs
         to be added to  

Sunday, 22 September 2013

connotation and dennotation


                     Connotation and denotation
Abbey Road

connotation- People in smart clothes crossing over a road on a zebra crossing.
                         Dennotation- This makes me think of people crossing the road  on the way  to work. 

1984 Connotation- A baby with wings and is smoking.
                      Dennotatoion-This makes me think of an angel in heaven smoking.

Ágætis Byrjun Connotation- An unborn baby inside his/her mothers womb.
                       Dennotation- It makes me think of when a pregnant woman is                                                 having a scan to check on her unborn baby.
American IV: The Man Comes Around Connotation- A faded figure of a man wearing glasses and                                               above him there is bould writing saying cash.
                       Dennotation- This makes me think of a rich man.
Draft 7.30 Connotation- It looks like surrealist art.
                       Dennotation- This makes me think of a surrealist drawing.
 Back in BlackConnotation- This cover has the band name on it and has a lightning
                                             bolt through the middle of the name and has the album
                                             name underneath the name and the cover is fully black.
                      Dennotation- This makes me think of someones sketch of their faviorite
Bat Out of HellConnotation- This looks like a motorbike shooting out of hell with a
                                            deamon attacking it.
                     Dennotation- This makes me think of an animated action programe.
HomogenicConnotation-An icelandic women which is made to look oriental.
                     Dennotation- It makes me think of a woman on a magaziene made to 
                                           look like someone from the far east.
Blue Train Connotation- An album cover with a picture and his name displayed on
                                            the front.
                     Dennotation-This makes me think of  a man thinking.
Never Mind The BollocksConnotation-An album cover with crude language on it.
                      Dennotation-This makes me think of a poster that a teenager would own.

Friday, 13 September 2013

waterloo road case study

The people who made waterloo road designed the logo to look like this because if you look very close the writing is set out as tables and it has school students gathered around it. It does not look neatly set out so it gives you the picture that the students are not well behaved and do not fallow school rules.

this girl has a croydon girl look hair and is also wearing a lot of make up.
she is also dressed quite scruffy which would not give a very good impression
to people looking to send their child to this school.